The Golden Space Indonesia

The space picture shows the Sun’s golden glow falling over the island nation of Indonesia southeast Asia. The International Space Station orbits the planet at an incredible 17,500mph an hour.

The Ultimate vision of the Golden Space is to create a culture of oneness, with pure unconditional love and light, toward mankind and all existence on Earth, to awaken humanity towards self.

So, as an adult, she longed to create a space that felt like home. While in college at UC Berkeley.

His great-great uncle.

Though our latest list of the 50 top-funded startups and tech companies in Southeast Asia shows that none of them are focused.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bagia Arif Saputra (right), talking to his staff at the Golden Space studio in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photograph: Krithika Varagur After his flirtation with atheism.

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Census surmises main population dynamics – With strong demands for real estate especially in urban areas, Vietnam’s golden demographics and a positive economic outlook.

"What we observe as the main challenge for a budget hotel and kost space here in Indonesia is that they.

backers included Sequoia Surge, Golden Gate Ventures, Shunwei Capital and SeedPlus.

This is unlike what he calls the “golden era of Malay theatre” in the 1970s when many local scripts were.

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