Karaoke Sing & Record

India will now enter the Guinness World Records book with a new timing of 1000 hours in non-stop karaoke singing marathon. Virag and his team achieved the record at Little World Mall, Kharghar.

After Mackie and her 31-year-old caregiver Jamie Lee Morley sang a duet of the song at their nursing home’s Christmas karaoke.

The special episode brought in record-breaking figures but attracted.

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India”s Virag Madhumalati and his singing troupe has broken Chinas non-stop Karaoke singing marathon record. While the Chinese record stood at 792 hours and two minutes, India will now enter the.

How to Record Vocals for Karaoke | How to Use AudacityIndia breaks Guinness record for longest karaoke singing marathon – Dec. 19 (UPI) –A Guinness World Record attempt in India for the world’s longest karaoke singing marathon has surpassed the previous record of 792 hours and is aiming for 1,000 hours. The record.