Resep Bebek Sambal Ijo

So it is supreme irony that in fluorescent-lit Bebek Goreng.

there is cabe ijo, an Indonesian green chilli condiment. I make my own at home, but this one has dried anchovies in it – the little fish.

It transforms from an a la carte restaurant to a buffet eatery just for Ramadan. Signature dishes such as Chicken Rendang, Sambal Petai Udang, Chef Wan’s Selangor Beef Rendang and Lala Masak Kunyit.

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PEDASNYA NAMPOOOLLL!!!’ class=’alignleft’>Best restaurants in Ubud, Bali: Fusion, European, Indonesian and more ā€“ The newest darling of Ubud’s haute cuisine scene serves up French fare like Duck Magret and Venison Wellington, jazzed up with Indonesian flavours like sambal matah and rendang.

with delights such.

Kunstkring’s Betawi Rijsttafel, for example, offers up to 13 delectable dishes with the highlight being the fresh karedok Betawi (uncooked vegetables stirred with peanut salad dressing), the savory.

So it was with trepidation that I tried this "highly recommended" bebek goreng (fried duck.

may offer you – they normally do not – up to five types of sambal: plain chilli sambal, sambal hijau.

As for the sambal hijau (green chili), it was not too spicy and left a tongue.

During our visit, Prabowo asked us to try bebek goreng (fried duck). ā€œIā€™m quite choosy when it comes to bebek (duck).

Another speciality is the Bebek Cabai Ijo, an Indonesian braised duck dish. Where: 44 Jalan Eunos, tel: 6844-6868 Price: $12.90 a la carte VeganBurg launches the Rasa Sayang Burg, which is available.

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