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Howard Phillips, Nintendo of America’s former public face, is entering the mobile gaming sphere. And he’s turning to Kickstarter to fund it. Howard Phillips, it is not overstating it to say, is a.

Today’s announcement mentioning League of Legends has generated a lot of speculation in the LoL player community. We’d like to clarify that our focus is on making sure League plays great on Mac and PC.

Microsoft responds to PC gaming flubs: We needed to learn by doing – "What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?" asked Eurogamer. On March 1st, Microsoft revealed that it would be bringing all its newest, biggest Xbox games to the Windows PC, starting with Gears of War.

Huateng also acknowledged the continuing strength of its PC games.

of Legends and the shooter Crossfire, which made nearly $1 billion on its own last year. China is also quickly adopting.

Welcome to the 236th edition of Android Apps Weekly! As always.

PUBG is one of the biggest mobile shooter releases ever. It’s basically a port of the popular PC game of the same name. You drop onto.

Windows 10 isn’t the most touch-optimized operating system, with both Store and traditional desktop apps, for the most part .

ASUS has included some apps that can help you tweak.

there’s something to be said about how mobile computing and gaming.

Computer entries like League of Legends and Dota 2 command.

was one of the first mobile MOBA games, and compared to the other games on this list that present scaled-back takes on the familiar PC.

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