My Boy Pro Apk

Oh boy, a big Hangouts update is arriving on Android.

Anyways, the update started rolling out earlier today and one lucky dude grabbed it and uploaded the APK file for us to enjoy. We have that for.

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I saw the ability to stream VR content from your PC as a very cool idea. I thought it would be a perfect fit for my app since it already gives you access to your computer. Like a nice bonus feature. I.

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I’ve been using the Fold as my daily driver for 10 days.

but I’m treating it just as I would any phone (though there’s no way I’m going running with this bad boy), and I’m showing it off to people.

A little over a year ago, before I was hired at AP, I wrote about the things I wanted my new Honeycomb tablet to be able to do.

Other than that, there’s just a massive ocean of plastic. And, oh boy.

It was quite a Google I/O newsfest last week, wasn’t it? Now maybe you’re looking to wind down with some cheap apps and games. Well, we have those. Read on and save. Today’s sales roundup is sponsored.

Anker SoundCore Boost review: A mediocre Bluetooth speaker with impressive bass – Anker promises a lot of bass with the SoundCore Boost, and boy does it deliver. With the BassUp mode enabled, my bass-loving ears were quite pleased, especially since this was the area where the Fugoo.

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What smartphones did you use before Android? Did you rock an N-Series by Nokia or a Palm Pilot, or were you a BlackBerry boy?