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According to First Secretary Purnomo Sidik of the National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) in Antara, the BNPB headquarters in Jakarta haven’t received detailed information from the field due to.

Every attempt to tame Chinese and Malay languages resulted in failures of translation, competence, and governance, exposing both the deep fragility of a monoglot state in polyglot milieux, and the.

Bataks and Minangkabau from Sumatra, Ambonese from Maluku, Dani from Irian Jaya, Minahasans from Sulawesi, Balinese, Madurese and Timorese are all united by Bahasa Indonesia and.

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The beaches are Tanjung Tuha beach, Minang Rua beach, and Belebuk beach. 2. Beaches on the coast of Rajabasa The beaches here are Kahai beach, Kunjir beach, Way Muli beach, Wartawan de Mansion beach,

Inilah 5 Fitur Keren Aplikasi Terjemah Google ( Google Translate )Gojek Founder Pitched as Jokowi’s Millennial Cabinet Member – Shinta also pitched Nadiem Makarim who’s the CEO of PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa, also known as GoJek. “We not only look at their age but also their track record and competence. It would certainly be.

Indonesia was hit by earthqueke again.The presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated for emergency circumstace for 2 months in West Sumatra The Minangkabau Airport was reopened around noon local time on.