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Lazzat-Un-Nisa: Hyderabad’s own Kamasutra back in focus – The medical treatise called Lazzat-un-Nisa (Flavours of woman) is often described as the Kamasutra of Hyderabad. It was published during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah. Lazzat-un-Nisa was a.

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Surah Three, Surat al-Imran (“Family of.

in which some seemingly men-friendly verses are constantly emphasized, while verses that talk about the single source of creation of human beings, such as in the Surah An Nisa, are set aside and.

Tengku Maimun appeared choked up (sebak) when she said she would discharge her duties and she would continue to heed the message of Surah An’ Nisa verse 58 and Surah An-Nisa: verse 135 of the Quran.

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Surat al-Imran (“Family of Imran”) and Surah Four, Surat an-Nisa (“The Women”). They address enduring hardships and the importance of.

“And If you would count the blessings of Allah you would not be able to count them.

” (Surah Ibrahim 14:34.

it is Allâh that recognises (all good), and know all things.” (An-Nisa, 147) This verse,

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Debate flares up as Aceh plans to regulate polygamy – say that the Quran restricts polygamy and does not allow it to be practiced freely.The heart of the controversy lies in the Quran’s Surah An-Nisa, verse 3:“And if you have reason to fear that you.

Even if we turn to Islam, the concept of cosmopolitanism holds. Surah Nisa’s 1st Ayat is enough for us to explain the basic philosophy: “O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul.” In.