Pleco Chinese Dictionary Offline

I was able to get to the Software Industrial Base via taxi because I had saved the Chinese character address on my phone and showed it to the cab driver. But when the trip ended I had trouble figuring.

In Beijing or Shanghai you can get by using only English, but once you are off in the provinces making pointless hand gestures every five seconds, that is when Pleco.

dictionary to help you out.

I’ve been traveling the world for 6 months, and these are the must-have apps I discovered for each of the 12 countries I visited – While Google Translate does a serviceable job translating the language, Pleco is a dedicated Chinese language learning app, dictionary, and document reader that is far more comprehensive. If there is.

I’m an American-born Chinese female who recently went to Beijing and Shanghai for the first time (alone!). While I was getting ready for my trip, I didn’t see any comprehensive guides for what to.

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On the other hand, using Chinese sites and apps is super-fast and convenient.

So I downloaded a couple apps (with my main criteria being the ability to use them offline) to help me out.

If you’re looking to learn Chinese, one of the best, easiest ways to do so is to use an app (or three). Apps can help you keep your motivation to continue learning, give you unique ways to develop.

But as an efficient offline dictionary, this app is very handy. Learn Chinese is a good-looking phrasebook for practicing basic phrases. Because literal English-Chinese translation almost never works,

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